Ford issues third recall on ambulances with E-350 chassis

Ford issues third recall on ambulances with E-350 chassis

Owners of ambulances built on the Ford Motor Co. Econoline E-350 chassis are sending them back for repairs, some for the third time.

Ford issued a third voluntary recall on those ambulances in early August, about one month after an auto safety group and the International Association of Fire Chiefs pressed for a federal recall.

This most recent recall includes replacement of engine compartment heater hoses with high-temperature silicone/Nomex hoses; replacement of engine coolant with a 50/50 mixture of water and coolant; replacement of radiator caps (“because so many have been found not to meet Ford pressure specifications,” according to the company); and replacement of mufflers on 1985 1/2-1987 vehicles with dual thermactor air pumps.

Initially, Ford issued a recall following reports of overpressurized fuel systems and explosions; a second recall was issued last November. Most recently, there have been reports of fires related to the coolant system.

In a statement released at the time of the third recall, a Ford parts and services manager said that high operating temperatures could cause failure of the heater hose and subsequently start a fire. He added that the likelihood of fire increases if the engine coolant mixture isn’t properly diluted.

Ambulance owners can take their vehicles to any Ford or Ford Heavy Truck dealer to have the work done.

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