Formal Opening of New Fire Stations and Installation of New Companies

Formal Opening of New Fire Stations and Installation of New Companies

Unusual ceremonies will mark the opening to-morrow (Thursday) in New York, of nine new fire houses which are to house the new companies. Mayor Gaynor will start the companies for their new stations by turning in an alarm from the city hall, and later in the day he will award the Fire Department medals to the men who have been selected for distinguished service, Fire Commissioner Joseph Johnson and Fire Chief Kenlon will formally open the houses, and city officials and representatives of civic organizations will be there to take part. The houses are the first of the 46 which were started last year to be finished. They are of brick, stone and concrete, and cost more than $500,000. Several of the new houses have roof gardens which will be used for sleeping rooms during warm weather. Each engine company will be equipped with a motor steam-pmping engine with a capacity for pumping nearly MOO gallons of water a minute, besides a motor hose wagon or combination chemical “scout.” The new fire houses are located as follows:


BROOKLYN.—Smith and Lorraine streets, southwest corner; Seventh avenue and 50th street, south side; Twelfth avenue and 42d street, north side; Cortelyou road, south side, near Hast 12th street; 101 St. John’s place, north side; 582 Knickerbocker avenue.

BRONX.—Morris avenue, west side, near 169th street.

MANHATTAN— 111th street, south side, between Second and Third avenues; 181st street, north side, near Audubon avenue.

At the Morris avenue and 169th street house a luncheon will be served by the Claremont Heights Property Owners’ Association. Firemen chauffeurs have been trained to operate the new motor apparatus, and have been assigned to the new companies. These men are graduates of the Commissioner’s automobile school, which was organized more than a year ago as an adjunct to the Fire College.

The space on the first floor of the new houses is ample for the powerful motor apparatus which has been purchased for installation in them. Not a single fire horse will be quartered in these houses.

Each engine company will be equipped with a motor-propelled steam pumping engine, which has capacity for pumping nearly 800 gallons of water a minute and is drawn by a frontdrive two-wheel gasolene tractor. These motorpropelled engines (10 in number) are the first delivered under a contract for 28 of a similar type ordered by the commissioner. The remaining 18 will be delivered during the year and installed in other houses to be opened during the summer and fall of the present year. The cost of these automobile fire engines is $8,890 each. With each engine company which will be opened on March 20 there will be installed, in addition to the engine, a motor-propelled hose wagon or combination chemical “scout.” These pieces of apparatus, which attain a speed of 115 miles an hour, are equipped with two tanks each, containing chemical fire extinguishing fluid. These tanks hold 35 gallons each and are built just beneath the driver’s seat. Each hose wagon carries 2,000 feet of hose and follows the engine to the fire. The 10 chemical “scouts” are the first deliveries under a contract for 20 designed for the new fire houses. The cost of these combination chemical “scout” hose wagons is $4,163 each. This will be the largest number of fire stations ever opened at one time in New York for the express use of motor apparatus.

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