Former American LaFrance Official Dies

Former American LaFrance Official Dies

Following an illness of several weeks, Arthur E. Rhodes, former Vice-President, Treasurer and General Manager of the American-LaFrance Fire Engine Company, died at his home in Attleboro, Mass.

Although Mr. Rhodes retired from the American-LaFrance in 1927, due to eyesight failure, he remained a resident of Elmira until about a year and a half ago. At that time he returned to his birthplace. Attleboro.

Mr. Rhodes joined the LaFrance organization as a salesman in the San Francisco office in the days when the company was building horse-drawn fire apparatus. His ability attracted the attention of the company executives at the home office in Elmira, and he was transferred to that city in 1905 as Assistant Sales Manager. He Held this post only a short time before being promoted to General Manager and Treasurer of the company, which later was to become the American-LaFrance Foamite Corporation.

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