Former Deputy Chief F. W. Gooderson Dead

Former Deputy Chief F. W. Gooderson Dead

F. W. Gooderson, who served in the New York Fire Department for fifty years and who retired in February, 1930, with the rank of Deputy Chief, died April 3 at his home in Brooklyn at the age of seventy-four.

The Late Chief F. W. Gooderson

He was born on the lower East Side of New York City. He served as a call boy on the New York Stock Exchange and later with his brother, conducted a milk route. Shortly after his twenty-first birthday, he was appointed a fireman. Three years later he was promoted to assistant foreman, now known as Lieutenant and then to foreman equivalent to the rank of Captain. In 1879 he helped to fight the first fire at which a water tower was used. He headed the list for promotion to the rank of Battalion Chief in 1897. In 1903. Chief Gooderson was third on the promotion list for the rank of Deputy Chief. His record of thirty-two years as a chief officer with twenty-six years of that time as a Deputy Chief has never been excelled. Chief Gooderson was in charge of the 13th Division in the Last New York section of Brooklyn, and later was in charge of the 10th Division in the down town area of Brooklyn. In 1932 when the Jay Street Division was abolished, he was placed in charge of the 7th Division, which covered the Bronx.

He is survived by his widow.

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