Fort Worth’s Improved Water Service

Fort Worth’s Improved Water Service

City Chemist Eldredge, who at the request of the water works department of Fort Worth, Tex., made an analysis of artesian water and filtered reservoir water, has rendered his report, showing the filtered product to be purer than the artesian. The report follows:

“In the bacteriological analysis I am sending you will note that the artesian water is less pure than the filtered water. This is occasioned, undoubtedly. by pollution of the water after it leaves the well or by some surface water getting into the well during the pumping. The raw river water is better than usual on account of the recent rains. This test is on Clear Fork water and not on water backed up from the West Fork. In the latter case the water is much more foul than the present w-ater.” There are submitted by Superintendent Eldredge also analyses of the mineral contents of artesian and filtered water. The figures are given in parts per million. The report is:

A test report also submitted shows alkalinity of the river water reduced by filtration from 246 to 230 and the hardness from 122 to 103, giving some estimate of the comparative hardness and alkalinity before and after filtration.

Milwaukee, Wis., has purchased an engine capable of pumping 12,000,000 gallons of water a day. The engine, which was purchased from the AllisChalmers Company, will cost $74,200 and will be installed at the North Point pumping station. A year wilt be required for the installation.

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