Firemen in Blaze Have Nurrow Escape and Are Compelled to Abandon Their Ladder and Hose, Leaping to Safety — Burnings of the Week

A FIRE which necessitated the sending out of a third alarm and which caused a loss of some $500,000, occurred in the Conboy Carriage Company and Dominion Stores in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, on July 10.

Members of No. 1 Section of the Berkley Street fire hall had narrow escapes from death at the south side of the building. On their arrival they attempted to make their way with their lines of hose up the ladders which had been thrown to the second floor. At this moment sheets of flame leaped out at them and in order to save themselves from being burned the firemen dropped their lines and were compelled to leap from the ladders to safety. The ladders and the hose were destroyed before they could be withdrawn from the danger zone.

Chief W. Russell Toronto, Ont.

The fire is supposed to have originated in the kitchen of the Dominion Stores and was first seen by a constable on the street when the flames were pouring from the windows of the second floor. The kitchen was near the front of the building and when seen by the constable the fire had attained great headway. The first alarm apparatus found that portion of the building entirely involved and a second alarm, which was sent out by Deputy Chief Duncan McLean at 5:33, followed the first in short order. When Acting Chief Sinclair arrived on the scene, he at once sent a third alarm, noting the threatening character of the blaze. This was at 5:48. To the south of the structure involved was the large lumber yard of the Riverdale Lumber Company and this was badly threatened for a time but was saved by the fire department.

General View of the Fire in the Conboy Building, Toronto, at its Height, Resulting in the Destruction of 43 Automobiles and a loss of $500,000

The Conboy Building, which was one of the first solid concrete structures to be built in Toronto with three floors and a basement, was practically destroyed owing to the start obtained by the flames before the fire was discovered.

These Toronto Firemen, a Moment After this Picture Was Taken, Were Compelled to Leap from the Ladder and Abandon the Hose on Account of the Blast of Flame from the Windows of the Conboy Building. The Ladder and Hose Were Destroyed

Courtesy Toronto Globe

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