Four Buildings Destroyed in Marietta

Four Buildings Destroyed in Marietta

Fanned by a stiff wind, a fire that started in the business section of Marietta, Ga., threatened to sweep the entire city. With the help of two companies sent by Atlanta, Ga., firemen were able to confine the loss to four business buildings.

The fire started about two a.m., and in a short time two other structures and an adjoining building were involved. For more than an hour the local department tried to control the flames, and a call was sent to Atlanta, through the mayor, for help. Later, the Mayor credited the timely arrival of the two companies from Atlanta, with having saved Marietta. He served as host to the fire-fighters at a late breakfast.

By six a.m., the fire was under control. A fire wall saved a large cotton warehouse in which there was several thousand hales of cotton. Ice which formed on the sidewalks and on the roofs greatly hampered the firemen. A rough estimate of the loss has been set at $250,000.

Geistown, Pa., to Form Department—A meeting has been held in Geistown, Pa., to formulate plans for forming a volunteer fire department.

Grand Rapids to Train Men for Arson Cases—Every fireman in the fire department of Grand Rapids, Mich., will be trained to detect arson cases. The plan was outlined by Fred P. Higgins, Assistant Fire Marshal.

Waters, Ex-Chief of Philadelphia. Dead—Edward A. Waters, formerly Chief of the Philadelphia Fire Department and a member of the department for thirty-nine years, died at his home at the age of eighty-one. He resigned from the department in 1913. He is survived by a daughter and one son.

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