Four new training courses available from the National Fire Academy

Four new training courses available from the National Fire Academy



The National Fire Academy has released four additional audio/visual training courses to assist in meeting the training requirements of fire/rescue organizations.

The new courses are entitled: Hazardous Materials Incident Analysis, Hazardous Materials: The Pesticide Challenge, Recognizing and Identifying Hazardous Materials, and Fire Fighter 11.

These instruction packages join the growing list of National Fire Academy courses and other fire and emergency service training materials available from the National Audio Visual Center. These courses have been developed and field tested by the National Fire Academy for use by state and local fire/rescue service organizations.

The Hazardous Materials Incident Analysis course is designed to help firefighters and other emergency response personnel better assess the hazardous materials emergency threat to people, property, and systems.

The course entitled Hazardous Materials: The Pesticide Challenge provides emergency response personnel with basic information on the safe handling of fires, spills, or other incidents involving pesticides and related agricultural chemicals.

Recognizing and Identifying Hazardous Materials is a course designed to teach firefighters and other emergency response personnel how to reduce the damage to people, property and systems involved in a hazardous material emergency.

Fire Fighter II is designed as the sequential instructional package to Fire Fighter I. It provides lesson plans and outlines for fire service instructors to use during training sessions for both entry level and experienced personnel.

Each of these training courses includes an instruction guide, a student manual, color slides, cassette tapes, and overhead transparencies.

For more information on these and other training courses available from the National Fire Academy, write to: Federal Emergency Management Agency, National Emergency Training Center, Emmitsburg, MD 21727.

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