Four Persons Die in Mysterious Fire

Four Persons Die in Mysterious Fire

A telephone alarm brought Engine No. 3 and Truck No. 2 to a dwelling house fire in Elmira, N. Y., in which four persons lost their lives. When the companies arrived, both floors were on fire. The engine company arrived first.

The lifeless remains of two women and two men were found in a first floor bedroom directly back of that marked in the photograph. Evidence of the free use of intoxicants were found.

It is believed that the fire was due to defective wiring as an electric wire was directly over a hot air pipe from the furnace, between the second floor boards and the metal ceiling of the first floor. Neighbors were awakened by three distinct explosions. The rooms in which the bodies were found, and the kitchen in the rear of the house showed evidence of a flash fire.

Damaged Home in Which Four Persons Lost Their Lives

Several theories were advanced. One was that the people had been drinking and did not notice the presence of coal gas fumes until too late and the fire from the wiring ignited the gas and caused the explosion. The coroner stated that three died from asphyxiation and the fourth from the concussion of an explosion. The incident remains a mystery.

Rye, N. Y., to Buy Aerial Truck—Rye, N. Y., will purchase a Seagrave aerial ladder at a cost of about $15,000.

Barbourville, Ky., to Have Department—An attempt is being made to organize a fire department in Barbourville, Ky.

Oxford, Ia., to Have Rural Unit—A rural fire-fighting unit will be placed in service in Oxford, Ia., on January 1. Shares have been sold to community residents.

Pumper Delivered to Decatur, Ill.—A Seagrave pumper has been delivered to Decatur, Ill. It has passed the Underwriters’ tests.

Santa Barbara to Erect New Fire House—A site has been purchased for the erection of a new fire station in Santa Barbara, Cal., for protection of the upper east side.


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