The fourth annual convention of the New York State Council of the Order of American Firemen opened at the Opera House at Flushing, Long Island, on the morning of Tuesday, July 8, the business being concluded on the ninth.

The meeting was called to order by Vice-President Jesse Brown, Jr. After a prayer by the Rev. William Morrison, the delegates were pleasantly welcomed to Flushing by John F. Rogers of Flushing Council. Other speeches were made by visitors from Boston, detailing the advances being made by the association in Massachusetts.

Roll call showed the attendance to be as follows:

Hugh J. Bonner Council, New York city—Michael McNamara, T. F. Fred, E. H. Tobin, T. J. Ahearn, P. P. Keirnan, Jno. Dempsey, T. F. Norton, Wm. B. Kirchner, F. Smith, J. McCue, J. Monaghan, Wm. Harrigan, Wm. H. Quinn, E. E. Turpenny, C. D. Smith, T. Kelly, J. McGill.

Flushing Council—Wm. F. Young, Alois Reiss, J. F. Taylor, L. J. Connorton.

Rhinebeck Council—William Ostron.

Port Chester Council—T. T. Tompkins, William Young.

Hallett Council, Waverly—F. K. Ross.

Leonard Council, Newburgh—J. B. Montgomery, S. E. Powell.

Bay Ridge Council—William Goebel.

Islip Council—J. V. Williams.

The officers of the State Council present were: President, William C. Lawson of Newburgh; vice-president, Jesse Brown, Jr., of Jamaica; secretary, C. H. Sliney of Waverly; treasurer, Daniel Bradley of New York, Directors: A. H. E. Bauer of Brooklyn, L. W. Clark of Bay Ridge, C. H. Truax of Islip, John F. Rogers of Flushing, and F. W. Genung of Waverly.

The amendments offered to the by-laws were, after full discussion, adopted and ordered printed.

A resolution offered by the committee on resolutions thanking the citizens of the town of Flushing and Flushing Council No. 120 for their courtesy and the entertainment furnished to the visitors was unanimously adopted.

A motion was adopted to put the matter of naming the place for holding the next convention in the hands of the executive board, with power to act.

The election of officers resulted as follows (those not named holding over): Vice-president, Jesse Brown, Jr., of Jamaica Council, one year, re-elected; secretary, Chas. H. Sliney of Hallett Council, Waverly, N. Y., two years; treasurer, Daniel Bradley of Hugh Bonner Council, New York city, one year, reelected; historian, James B. Montgomery of C. M. Leonard Council, Newburgh, N. Y., one year; warden, Frank Cramer of Rhinebeck Council, Rhinebeck, N. Y., one year; director for three years, John F. Rogers of Flushing Council, Flushing; director for one year each, C. H. Truax of Islip Council, Islip, N. Y., and George Searle of Hugh Bonner Council, New York city. After the installation of officers, at which a few well-worded speeches were made by the newly-elected officers, the convention adjourned.

The rejmrt of Secretary Sliney showed a healthy growth during the year. The membership of the association throughout the State is now 1593, a gain of over 600 during the year. Four new councils had also been organized since the last annual convention. The total amount of money on hand after paying all expenses was $161.48. The secretary announced that the banner which was offered by the State Council in March to the council obtaining the largest number of new members during the succeeding four months had been won by Hugh J. Bonner Council of New York, which had added 268 new members to its roll during that time. Flushing Council came next.

A great deal of interest was manifested during the convention in the matter of the burial and endowment fund, and the opinion was generally expressed that this feature, if understandingly carried out, would prove a most valuable factor in the building up and success of the organization.

The members of the order were delighted by the cordial reception accorded them by the people of Flushing.

The eighteenth annual convention of the National Association of Fire Engineers will meet at Detroit, Mich., August 19. Fire commissioners and fire and water committees should urge the attendance of the chief engineer of their respective fire depart ments at these meetings, and provide for his expenses.

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