The somewhat surprising announcement is made that Frank W. Holly has resigned as superintendent of the Holly Manufacturing company, of Lockport, N. Y. No reason has been assigned for this action on his part. The cause, however, may be set down to the formation of the new pump combination. A local paper contains the following:

Superintendent Frank W. Holly, of the Holly Manufacturing company will sever his connection with the company on October 1. His resignation was handed in on May 1 but nothing was done about it outside of the managers of the company. Mr. Holly has been connected with the company for thirty-six years and has gradually advanced to the position of superintendent, which position he has ably filled for many years. When asked today as to the cause of his resignation, Mr. Holly simply declined to discuss it, further than to say that the relations between himself and the company were of the pleasantest nature. He will remain in the city until January 1. and in the meantime make his plans for the future. Sopt. Holly was beloved by every man connected with the company, and it will be sad new-s to them that he will cease to be superintendent.

FIRE AND WATER very much regrets that it became necessary for its friend to resign. Frank Holly is one of the best know-n and best liked man in the water works business. He is a prince among men, wholesouled, good natured, affiable—and of the kindest disposition in fact a man without a fault exceptthat of showing too great consideration for hisfellowmenHis resignation must prove a great loss to the International Pumping Engine company, and an immense gain to whatever other firm is fortunate enough to secure his services.

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