From the Publisher’s Desk

From the Publisher’s Desk

FEMSA Party Planned For Salt Lake City

In March we went down to Memphis for the 46th annual Fire Department Instructors Conference and as always we were impressed by the tremendous registration-3800 chiefs, instructors and fire fighters. Impressed, too, by the all-business attitude of these registrants who filled the auditorium and the workshops to overflowing for four days.

Fire Engineering has played an active part in the FDIC almost since its inception. Down through the years our editors have been on the program-planning committee for the conference and on numerous occasions have been program speakers. This year, Fire Engineering’s contribution was rather unique. At the last minute Dick Sylvia took over the press desk for the conference and spent most of his time backstage, seeing that the newspersons of radio, TV and the press were filled in on the daily activities. Dick, who is a former big-time reporter and newswriter, did a bang-up job as evidenced by the daily “pickup” of all the news media.

Chief Larry Williams, incidentally, pinned the badge of honorary chief of the Memphis Fire Department on our editor, Jim Casey, at the Thursday luncheon “in recognition of the support and coverage that Fire Engineering has given to the Memphis FDIC down through the years.”

We were also at Memphis to attend the spring meeting of the FEMSA board of directors. This meeting is held to finalize plans for the Annual FEMSA party at the International Association of Fire Chiefs annual conference which will be held this year at the Salt Palace Assembly Hall in Salt Lake City on Tuesday, September 19. The Assembly Hall, we might add, is big enough to hold a 2600-person dinner and this year’s FEMSA party bids fair to be the biggest and best.

We were lucky enough to get out to Salt Lake City in December to look the place over and it is really fabulous. To see Temple Square in the heart of the city is by itself worth the trip and the Salt Palace Convention Center is one of the newest and best in the country. Chief DeKorver assured us that hotel accommodations are ample and unmatched.

So if you haven’t thought about it by now, start thinking of the 101st annual conference of the International Association of Fire chiefs in Salt Lake City, September 15-19, 1974.

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