From the Publisher’s Desk

From the Publisher’s Desk

Front Cover Tells What We Are

First off, as a newcomer to this column, we want to say just a plain hello, and to extend to all our subscribers and advertisers the heartiest of well wishes for the year 1971. We are not new to Fire Engineering, however, since we have been on the staff for 10 years —10 satisfying years, we might add. And like anyone who has ever worked for Fire Engineering, we are proud to consider ourselves part of the fire service.

We have often been asked just what Fire Engineering is all about, and we have a standard answer: “Just look at any front cover of Fire Engineering and you can see what Fire Engineering is all about—fire chiefs and fire fighters in action!”

This has been our theme for many, many years and will remain so. It is our reason for being, as the French say. And it is the reason our subscribers stay with us—and increase—year after year. It is also the reason we insist that our editors come out of the fire fighting forces. When they edit or write on fire fighting or the tools of fire fighting, they know! They’ve been there, they’ve used them.

But we have to make sure that we are covering our basic theme (fire chiefs and fire fighters in action), so each year we do a little analysis of the annual index that appears in our December issue.

For the year 1970 we had 46 separate headings on our index, headings that ran the alphabet from Administration-Management to Ventilation. In between we covered impactful fires, fire fighting techniques, fire fighting apparatus and tools, ambulances, breathing equipment—in fact all the paraphernalia and techniques that a chief and fire fighter need or use when the bell hits.

Of course, our index contains a heading Communications which is so important to the action of a fire department, plus a variety of others.

Not mentioned in the index is a multitude of new products, association news, fillers and an occasional off-beat article, just for a change of pace.

We intend to do the same thing for the year 1971.

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