Full Line of Motor Apparatus Announced by FWD

Full Line of Motor Apparatus Announced by FWD

The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company of Clintonville, Wis., which for 25 years, has been building and selling firefighting equipment, now offers a complete new line which includes: aerial tractors and aerial hook and ladder trailers, 1,000, 750, and 500 quad and triple combination pumpers, and a 200 gallon pumper for rural service.

750-Gallon Triple Combination Pumper750-Gallon Quadruple Combination Pumper

The first Four-Wheel Drive vehicle was built in Clintonville in 1908. The FWD Company was founded in 1910 and started to build fire trucks in 1914— 25 years ago.

This first FWD fire truck is still in regular service in the city of Minneapolis.

The city of Milwaukee, Wis., purchased their first four-wheel drive fire truck equipment from FWD in 1925. Today that city uses 15 pieces of FWD equipment. The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company is among the six fire truck manufacturers qualified to build fire trucks for the City of New York, for which city more than $1,000,000 worth of FWD equipment has been built.

The 1,000 gallon triple combination FWD pumper is equipped with a 198 horsepower tblipl engine driving a l.000 gpm rotary gear pump. The 500 gallon triple combination pumper has a 90 hp (bhp) engine which drives a 500 gpm rotary gear pump. The 500 gallon quadruple combination is equipped with a 112 hp motor. A 170 hp (bhp) motor provides the power for the 750 gallon triple combination pumper. This machine has a 750 gpm rotary gear pump. Power for the 750 gpm quadruple combination is furnished by a 170 hp motor while in the aerial tractor a 160 hp motor is used.

Aerial Tractor

1,000-Gallon Triple Combination Pumper

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