Funderburk, Chief at Springfield

Funderburk, Chief at Springfield

William H. Funderburk, formerly assistant chief of Springfield. Ill., was recently promoted to the head of the department and succeeds Matthew Cullen, who retired.

Chief Funderburk was born in Sangamon County near Springfield on January 27. 1875. On September 26, 1902, he was appointed truckman of Ladder Company No. 1 and he served there for ten years.

In 1912 he was made stoker of the Abe Lincoln steamer and he served in this capacity until July. 1915. At that time he had the honor of being appointed the first engineer in charge of the first gas pump.

Chief Funderburk served at this post until December 1.

1920, when he was appointed assistant chief under the late Roy R. Reece, then commissioner of public health and safety.

Chief Wm. H. Funderburk

His object, now that he is chief, is to increase the efficiency of the department and to attempt to reduce the annual fire losses of the city.

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