Superintendent Drake of the water works plant, has made his second annual report of the condition of the plant. The material part of the report reads: “The increase of water rates created considerable dissatisfaction among the patrons, and, had it not been for the purity of the water and the beneficialresults after using it, this obstacle would not have been overcome so easily. At the present time the water rates are accepted as one of the inevitables, and patrons are very well satisfied. This is largely due to the fact that Gainesville never enjoyed such a period of health as has existed since the introduction of Boulware Springs water into the city. Notwithstanding the water mains extend through only a small portion of the city, the patronage is pretty good. Vere the city abie to reach out to some of the fairly populous suburbs, a goodly increase of patronage would be acquired.


‘ There has been laid the part year, 1,000 feet of 4 inch main and about 3,000 feet of 2-inch and 1 1-2 inch pipe to connect the railroad tanks and Oak Grove to the main proper, furnishing a revenue of over $1,000 a year, and all of the extensions are to be paid for by Boulware Springs water.

“There now remain East Gainsvilleand Veitch Addition, quite populous suburbs, to be connected, which can be in the near future if the city council shall deem it best to do so. That can also be done and paid for with water.

“ The expenses attending the running of the plant the past year amount to $4,356.07, The receipts for the quarter just ended amount to $1,043.53. There is also being collected and paid out for the above extensions about $150 per quarter, making the total receipts about $1,200 per quarter, and, with several new patrons to commence with, this current quarter, will more than swell the amount to the rate of $5,000 a year.


” The city has been fortunate in the matter of fires. I’here have been only a dozen in two years. Some of them were too remote from the mains to receive any benefit from the fire department. Luckily, all of those were small cottages or negro quarters. The entire loss by fire probably will not amount to more than $to,ooo, if that much, but the saving of property by the fire department will, without doubt, amount to more than $200,000, and perhaps double, or even treble that amount.

” There are about 240 taps in the mains, and about 270 patrons; over forty of these are using the blanket rate of $~ per year.”

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