Gambrell Chief of Dallas, Tex.

Gambrell Chief of Dallas, Tex.

Roderick D. Gambrell has been appointed chief of the fire department in Dallas, Tex., to fill the vacancy caused by the resignation of Chief Tom A. Myers who was a member of the department for forty-seven years.

Chief Tom A. Myers, Retiring from the Service

The new chief was a member of the department for eighteen years, is the youngest chief in the history of the city, and is the fifth chief appointed since the city instituted a paid fire department. Mr. Gambrell has an honorable war record, and was the first one to enlist for war service from that city. He is now thirtynine years old and advances from the position of commanding officer of Company No. 4.

Commissioner Parker gave unstinted praise to the record of the retiring chief.

He said, “Chief Myers will be retired with the grade and rank of chief of the fire department with full allowance of half pay— the first time that such an honor was paid to any one, and an honor that Chief Myers richly deserves. For forty-seven years he has served the people of Dallas in the department with that high type of courage, ability and fidelity to duty that should and will prove an inspiration to those who come after him.”

The new chief will assume charge of the department on July 1.

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