Gamewell Announces New Batteries

Gamewell Announces New Batteries

Three new and one improved cells of battery, designed specially for fire alarm signal systems, have just been announced by The Gamewell Company. They are known as the FIP, ICO, BTIS, and ICS types. The first two are open type cells, and the two latter are of the sealed-in style. The former are recommended for use on large systems where there is a competent man available at all times to care for the battery; the latter, for the smaller systems where the care of the entire system falls upon the shoulders of one man.

The New Line of Gamewell Fire Alarm Batteries

Changing conditions in the fire alarm field have been met by The Gamewell Company, with the development of this new battery. The FIP and BTIS types arc recommended for the present type of system found in use everywhere— duplicate sets of battery, cycle charged. On the other hand, the ICO and ICS have been designed particularly for the floating battery system which is now being offered by The Gamewell Company where a battery of slightly larger capacity is desirable.

Maxim Fire Apparatus on a Ford Chassis A special unit designed for fighting forest fires is being built by the Maxim Motor Company on a Ford chassis. The apparatus has a 360-gallon capacity water tank, a 100-gallon booster pump, one hose reel with 1,000 feet of 1 1/2-inch cotton rubber lined hose and two hose reels with 300 feet of 3/4 inch hose coupled on each reel. In addition, the apparatus carries ladders, extinguishers and hand tools.

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