Garages Must Have Fire Extinguishers

Garages Must Have Fire Extinguishers

A by-law recently adopted by the board of fire commissioners of the East Hartford, Conn., Fire District provides that all retail gasoline stations of the district are to install a fire extinguisher and a pail of sand and in addition one fire extinguisher for each gasoline pump or outlet. Chief Frank Meunier, of the fire department, considers this a big step forward. He writes, “This by-law will save us many a call and should be adopted universally.” The text of the new by-law is as follows:

“Section 17

“(a) The owner or keeper of each and every retail gasoline station within the limits of the East Hartford Fire District shall install and maintain in proper serviceable condition one hand fire extinguisher and one pail of sand inside of each such station or house and one additional extinguisher for each service gasoline pump or outlet, said fire extinguishers and equipment to be of a type approved by the chief of the fire department.

“(b) The penalty for violation of this by-law shall be a fine of not more than $100.”

Highland Park, Mich., Firemen Awarded Increase—The city council of Highland Park, Mich., have aw’arded the firemen a yearly salary increase of $100.

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