Gary Chief Retires; Successor Appointed

Gary Chief Retires; Successor Appointed

The fire department of Gary, Ind., has a new head. Chief Wilfred Grant, who for many years directed the destinies of the department, stepped down on April 16, and was succeeded by one of his assistants, Frank Parkey.

Ex-Chief Wilfred Grant, Gary, Ind.

The veteran chief has been contemplating this and at last decided to take the necessary steps for retirement, so that he could take matters easy, after his long and strenuous career as a fire-fighter.

Chief Grant began his firemanic career by joining the South Bend, Ind., Fire Department, a volunteer organization back in 1885. The following year, 1886, it became a paid fire department. Chief Grant worked his way up through the various grades in South Bend, until, in 1902, he was appointed as its head.

He served for 12 years in this capacity, and in March, 1914, he received the appointment as chief of the Gary, Ind., Fire Department, and removed to that city.

For twelve years and two months, and until his retirement he has been at the head of the Gary Fire Department, and has seen it grow in strength and efficiency. He now has turned over to his successor a unit as near perfection as it is possible for any fire department to be.

Chief Frank Parkey, who succeeds Chief Grant, is a thorough and painstaking firefighter. He joined the Gary Fire Department as a chauffeur on April 28, 1913. After serving four years the first promotion came to him on August 16, 1917, when he was made a captain. Two years after this he was again advanced, this time to the post of assistant chief, the date of his appointment being April 1, 1919.

He served in this capacity until his appointment on April 16, as head of the Gary Fire Department. Chief Parkey is only 36 years of age, which places him in the ranks of the younger chiefs of the country.

Chief Frank Parkey, Gary, Ind.

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