H. S. Sands and Q. S. McKinney of Fairmount, G. C. Sturgess and others have incorporated the Morgantown (W. Va.) Electric Light and Power Company, with a capital stock of $100,000.

The Edison Electric Light, Heat and Power Company has petitioned the city council of Wheeling, W. Va., for authority to lay underground wires in Wheeling. It proposes, if the privilege is granted, to construct a system to cost about $500,000.

The city of Carrollton, Ga., has purchased for $6400 and will operate the electric light plant of Henry Lanier.

The Taylor (Tex.) FUectric Light, Gas and Power Company has been organized to erect an electric light plant at a cost of $20,000. Contract has been let. E. W. Pike of Chicago, Ill., is president ; J. E. Tucker, vice-president, and E. L. Welch, secretary. The company has obtained charter ; capital stock, $40,000.

Efforts are being made for the erection of an electric light plant in Chase City, Va. T. D. Jeffress can give information.

The City Electric Light Company of Charlestown, W. Va., has contracted with the Warfield Electric Manufacturing Company of Baltimore, Md., for the installation of its electric light plant.

A note from Austin, Tex., says: “ D. C. McMartin of Des Moines, la.; Richard Snell of Kansas City, Mo., and William Metzgar of Illinois have leased the city’s railroad to the dam. The lessees agree to equip the road with electricity within six months after notice of the city’s readiness to furnish electric power.”

The Salem (Va.) Street Railway Company will, it is stated, soon commence building the electrical railroad previously reported.

It is reported from Wilmington, N. C., that arrangements have been made for changing the motive force of the Wilmington Street Railway from horses to electricity.



The Pulaski (Va.) Electric Company has let contract to the Thomson-Houston Electric Company of Boston, Mass., for a complete plant.

W. E. Breese is president of the Asheville and Biltmore Company of Asheville, N. C. The company proposes building a railway from Asheville to Biltmore, a distance of two and one half miles. Electricity will probably be the motive power.

J. B. Clough, manager of the electric light plant at DeLand, Fla., will change the arc-light to the incandescent system within thirty days.

The Augusta (Ga.) Railway Company is increasing the capacity of its electric power plant.

The Cumberland (Md.) Electric Company, previously reported as incorporated and as to lease and operate the Gephardt foundry as electrical works, has organized with J. S. Humbird as president and Charles Pease, vice-president and manager. The capital stock is $100,000.

The Edison Electric Light Company has been incorporated at Newark, N. J., with a capital of $1,000,000.

The Buffalo (N. Y.) Natural Gas Fuel Company has increased its capital from $250,000 to $300,000.

W’ork is being pushed on the new Fourth street electric railway at Wilmington, Del., as fast as possible. The only hindrance is the difficulty of obtaining material from the railway supply manufacturers.