Measure Suggested by Fire Chief Kenlon to Preserve the Lives of His Firemen Goes to Mayor Hylan for His Signature

AN ordinance was passed by the New York City board of aldermen on January 18, which provides that all buildings in New York City, except those five stories or less in height which are used exclusively for dwelling purposes, must be equipped with an automatic cut-off valve for shutting off the flow of gas in case of a fire. This measure was largely due to the suggestions of Chief John Kenlon, of the fire department on the ground that it is needed to preserve the lives of the firemen who are compelled to enter gas filled buildings and rooms. The cut-off would avoid this danger by automatically shutting off the gas supply in case of the meter connections being melted by the heat of a fire. The measure has been strenuously opposed by the real estate interests and property owners of the city and since its passage they have requested Mayor Hylan to give them a public hearing on the subject before signing the measure. While the Mayor has not yet signed the ordinance, he has been quoted as in favor of it as follows: “The gas cut-off, as sugested by Fire Chief John Kenlon for high buildings, is absolutely proper. I welcome anything that adds to the protecton of life. Nobody should object to puttng in such a cut-off. It is enough that firemen risk their lives fighting fires, without the additional menace of gasfilled rooms. I think the ordinance might go even further and have the shut-off devices installed in all newly constructed buildings, high or low.”

A public hearing on the ordinance was held on Tuesday, January 23. _

A similar ordinance was passed last year which provided for the installation of the gas cut-off on all buildings in the city. This was vetoed by Mayor Hylan and the present measure was changed to meet his views on the matter.

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