—An electric light company, with a capital of $30,000, has been formed at Tecumseh, Mich.

—The Beverly (Mass.) Electric Light Company is to build a new station.

—T. J. Serrell, J. A. Hart, S. R. Read and others have, it is reported, organized a stock company at Chattanooga, Tenn., and erected a plant to generate steam power from electricity by a process of which Mr. Serrell is the inventor.

—Belfast, Me., boasts of an electric grist mill on one of its wharves, the power being delivered by a thirty-nine-horsepower Thomson-Houston motor. The mill is equipped with a set of stones and one roller mill, and can turn out from 300 to 400 bushels of meal per day.

—The Shoshone Falls Electric Light and Power Company of Shoshone, Ind., has been incorporated to open an electric line between Shoshone and Shoshone Falls, utilizing the power at the falls for manufacturing, running, milling and transmitting power for light and electric motor purposes. The capital stock is $100,000, of which $25,000 has already been subscribed. The road to be operated will be twenty-five miles long. A. S. Senter has been chosen president; W. G. Lane, secretary, and C. S. Doan, treasurer.

—The Hartford Post of June 24 says: “Last evening the city was lighted as it should be. The balance of the electric lights, forty-seven in number, were lighted for the first time. Lights have been placed in the vicinity of Parkville, Fairfield and New Britain avenues, Prospect and Asylum avenues. The naphtha lamps have all been taken out. Hartford is the first New England city to have all its street lights electric, and now they burn all night, every night, from a half-hour after sunset to a half-hour before sunrise.”

—The American Gas Investment Company, capital $50,000,000, has been incorporated under the laws of New Jersey by George S. Bixby and Hector W. Thomas of New York, and William Talcott of Paterson, N. J. Jersey City is named as the location of the principal office of the company. The purposes are stated to be to construct and operate gas and electric light, heat and power works, etc.

—The San Jose and Santa Clara Railway of San Jose, Cal., the first railway in the State to be equipped with the Thomson-Houston system, is successfully operating nine miles of tracks.

—The Edison Illuminating Company of Newport, R. I., will add a 500 light alternating current Westinghouse dynamo to its present capacity.

—Since the complaint made by the Kearny (N. J.) township committee on the strength of the light furnished by the electric light Company, the latter has decided to add to its plant two Corliss engines and another dynamo.

—Application has been made by a majority of the trustees of the Troy (N. Y.) Electric Light Company for a dissolution of the corporation upon the ground of insolvency.

—The trustees of the Chicago Gas Trust in New York city and Philadelphia signed an order on June 24 directing the Philadelphia Trust Company to pay all money to the receiver.

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