Gas Explosion Wrecks Stores

Gas Explosion Wrecks Stores

Fifty persons were injured and one died as the result of an illuminating gas explosion in Highland Park, Mich., which was caused when coal, which was being emptied down a chute, broke a gas main. Three stores were leveled and windows in the immediate neighborhood were broken.

When an extension was built for one of the stores, the gas pipe was left in the open. A coal chute was built in front of the pipe.

A man was in the basement when the pipe snapped. He shouted a warning to workers there and to persons in the adjoining stores. An alarm was turned in. Chief Baker and firemen arrived. Firemen donned gas masks and just as they were prepared to enter the basement, they were stopped by the explosion. Chief Baker was knocked to the ground by falling bricks, and though injured, directed rescue parties in digging for possible victims, blames which broke out were extinguished in a short time.

Shortly After the Gas Explosion Toole Place in Highland Park, Mich.

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