Gasoline Engine Test.

Gasoline Engine Test.

The following official report on a Watcrous gasoline engine was received at Ottawa, Ont., from Winnipeg, Man.:

“I beg to report that, on the delivery of the Waterous gasoline fire engine to the Manitoba Agricultural college on May 17, 1908, the following tests were made:

Time of starting engine, 5 seconds.

Time of starting water through 250 ft. hose, 15 seconds.

Time of starting water through 600 ft. hose, 65 seconds.

Time of starting water through 750 ft. hose, 68 seconds.

“In all the tests, whether the water was sent through one ¾-in. nozzle or two nozzles ¾⅛-in. and Ls in., and notwithstanding the heavy wind and consequent breaking of the streams, the machine sent the water away above the roofs and flagpoles on every building. In the last test, sending the water uphill 1,500 ft. from the engine, and through a 1-in. nozzle above the weathercock on the round building—was, perhaps, the test most convincing as to the efficiency of the apparatus.

“The claim of the manfacturers was not only made good, but exceeded by these tests, which have amply proved that the engine gives excellent protection, when backed by sufficient water and handled by men who understand the operating of gasoline engines.

“The protection at the college has been materially improved, and should result in a reduction of the insurance rate.

“A LINDRACK, ‘Tire Commissioner.”

The Elkhart Water company, of Elkhart. Ind., has received 9,000 ft. of mains, all that it expects to lay.

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