Gasoline for Volunteer Firemen

Gasoline for Volunteer Firemen

The County Fire Commission of Nassau County, N. Y., has received assurances of the Nassau County Rationing Board that every fireman will receive all of the gasoline necessary for his uninterrupted service.

It is not the intention of the regulations that any voluntary civic worker shall he expected to use gasoline rationed to him for personal and business purposes, in the performance of his civic duties. Nor is it intended that there shall be any shortage which will seriously affect such service.

On the other hand, it must, of course, be carefully insured that gasoline issued specifically for the fire service will not be used for any other purpose.

The Chairmen of the respective Battalion Districts are supplied with application forms for supplementary gasoline supplies. These forms must be completed, signed and notarized by each fireman stating his requirements to cover gasoline actually and necessarily used for the fire serviceincluding responses to fires or fire stations and to meetings, drills, training schools, etc. This application will be filed with and receive reasonable and favorable consideration by the Rationing Board at Mineola. It must, however, be accompanied by a letter from the Chief of the department of which he is a member, or such Chief must have filed with the Nationing Board a certified list of those who are actually active firemen who really perform service as such.

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