Gasoline Storage Illegal

Gasoline Storage Illegal

New York Fire Commissioner John T. O’Hagan issued a strong warning against the storage by city residents of gas in containers as a means of beating the fuel shortage.

Amid reports of booming sales of fuel containers, the commissioner stressed that New York City law prohibits the sale, transportation or storage of gasoline in excess of 1 gallon without a permit. The only exception, he said, is that of gasoline in fuel tanks of motor vehicles, motorcycles and other vehicles.

“Anyone storing gasoline as a means of beating the fuel shortage is playing with dynamite,” the commissioner stated, adding “and there is evidence that such hoarding has already begun.”

O’Hagan pointed out that after a fire in November in an apartment building, firemen discovered four 5gajlon cans of gasoline in the fire area.

“If these had let go,” the commissioner said, “it’s almost certain the entire building would have gone at a cost in life and property that we can only guess at.”

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