The following letter has been addressed to Dr. F. L. Frost of Charleston, S. C.:

“ Holy Cross House, Westminster, Md., Feb. 23, 1896.

“ My dear Dr. Frost ;—May I ask you to do me a yet further kindnes?

“ A person of sensitive conscience has come into possession of a silver cup taken from Charleston during the late unpleasantness’ as part of the spoils of war.

’’ This person is anxious to return the cup to the owner or his heirs. The only clue is the inscription which I inclose.

“ If you can put me in the way of finding Mr. Wagener I shall be grateful.

“ Faithfully yours in our beloved Lord,

“James O. S. Huntington, O. II. C.” Inscription : “ Presented by the officers and members of the German Fire Company to John A. Wagener, March, 1851.”

The cup will be forwareded to the widow of General Wagener, who, with four sons and a daughter, survive him.

At Mount Holly, N. J. the buildings on the farm of Charles Andrews, at Fellowship, have been burned. The loss is estimated at $7,000. There was insurance for half the loss.

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