Glove the Planet: Sempermed Launches Sustainability Campaign

Clearwater, FloridaSempermed USA, Inc. announced the launch of their sustainability campaign ‘Glove the Planet’. Glove the Planet is Sempermed’s commitment to developing business in an environmentally friendly and socially sustainable way.

The Glove the Planet campaign harnesses Sempermed’s long standing commitment to sustainable business practices and specifically details the company’s success related to transportation, packaging, waste and carbon emissions. to learn more about how Sempermed Gloves the Planet. Sempermed is a vertically integrated manufacturer that provides focused sales, marketing, and logistical support to those in need of hand protection. 

For more information about Sempermed and its
 products, contact:

Sempermed USA, Inc., 
13900 49th Street North 
Clearwater FL

Phone: 800-366-9545

Visit the website at

We are excited to show what Sempermed is doing to play a role in helping to sustain our environment and reduce waste. Our actions to sustain the world we live in not only help reduce our carbon footprint they also help save our customers money, giving one more reason to do business with Sempermed “said Brooke Rosenberg, Marketing Manager of Sempermed USA, Inc.


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