Going! Going!! Gone!!!

Going! Going!! Gone!!!

WE can’t remember a time when preferred positions in the advertising section of our American Water Works Convention issue have gone so fast as this year. We are practically sold out for the May 10 issue.

Business Is Better

The unusually large number of advance reservations for the convention issue indicate not only that business is better, but that it is going to improve still more. The manufacturer who believes in spending money to make money, who believes in his product and in the ability of specialized publications like FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING to carry his message to prospective customers—our readers—will be the first to reap the benefit of improved business.

Last Chance to Get In

There is still time for you, Mr. Manufacturer, to have your sales message (call it advertisement, if you prefer) included in our big A. W. W. A. convention issue if you will write or wire at once. Final closing date is Tuesday, May 2nd. Don’t pass up this opportunity to be represented in the feature issue of the convention.

Thank you.

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