American Water Works Convention to be Scene of Interesting Golf Tournament-Chairman Stutt Makes Report for Information of the Golfing Delegates

SHINE up the old set of golf clubs and bring them to Philadelphia without fail. If you ever in your life have swung a driver, grease up the creaky elbows and start for the water works convention with the firm conviction that you are going to win at least one of the prizes that have been put up for the A. W. W. A. golfers.

For this year’s convention, at Philadelphia, May 15 to 19, promises to bring forth the finest array of golfing talent that has ever graced a water works convention. The ancient and honorable game has been growing in popularity, and with Philadelphia’s wonderful golf courses at their disposal this year, the pill-chasers are going to have unusual opportunity to display’ their talents—and their shortcomings.

J. H. Stutt, Jr., Golf Chairman

Splendid Courses Available

John H. “Pete” Stutt, chairman of the Golf Committee for the water works convention, has announced the following schedule for convention week:

Tuesday, May 16—Lu Lu Country Club.

Wednesday, May 17— White Marsh County Club.

Thursday, May 18—Merion Country Club.

The Annual Tournament will be played at Merion, one of the most famous and sportiest courses in the country, on Thursday, and if the number of entries justifies, the preliminary rounds will be played at White Marsh the preceding day.

Send in Your Scores

In order to give everyone a run for his money, the Handicap Committee requests that all those desiring to play mail their names with the five best scores made on their home courses, or their official club handicap, to Chairman John H. Stutt, c/o E. I. Du Pont do Nemours & Co., 35th St. and Grays Ferry Road, Philadelphia.

This is important, as the Golf Committee is anxious to bring out not only the old standbys like George Batchelder, Ed. Case, Dave Decrow, Bob Conrow, Pete Dean, Walter Hersey, Bill Brush and the other “regulars,” but a lot of new talent as well. Send in your names at once. Fore!

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