Good Advice from Baltimore

Good Advice from Baltimore


Chief Emrich, of Baltimore, through the newspapers, has issued the following, relative to fires in furnaces:

“First of all. employ an expert stove or furnace man to look over your furnace and pipes before starting the fall fire A few dollars spent in this way may save a fire loss of several thousand dollars, to say nothing of the possible loss of life and injury. Remember,” he says, “that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure Be sure your cellar is clean. Be sure that there is no straw, excelsior, wood, paper, rags or rubbish littered about. A single spark from an overheated furnace may drop into a pile of rubbish and start a fire that will not only gut the house in which the blaze occurs, but burn down all of the adjoining property. The fire department has been enforcing this rule in the business district and, as the result, there has been no serious basement fire since the fire of January, 1912.

“See that your flues and chimneys are clean; that there is a metal covering over the wood work and joists above your furnace, which should be erected in such a way that there is an air space of from four to six inches between it and the woodwork. Be sure that there is no soot in your furnace, pipes or chimnev.

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