Good Attendance at Luncheon Massachusetts Fire Chiefs’ Club

Good Attendance at Luncheon Massachusetts Fire Chiefs’ Club

There was a good attendance at the November luncheon and meeting of the Massachusetts Fire Chiefs’ Club, which took place on November 19 at the Parker House, Boston. The members of the State Fire Prevention Commission appointed by Governor Cox were the guests of the club. Chief William F. Daley, of Brockton, president of the club, presided.

Dwight S. Waring, chairman of the commission, told of the investigation of means to reduce fire losses. Chief George L. Johnson, of the Waltham Fire Department, recommended that fire chiefs he given the power to summon witnesses and hold inquests. He said that at present all investigations of incendiarism are carried out by the State police under direction of the State fire marshal. He proposed establishing fire districts with local chiefs acting as deputy fire marshals. “If the local chiefs had the power to summon witnesses and hold inquests we could make it hot for persons practising incendiarism,” declared Chief Johnson.

Fire Marshal George C. Neal said that the number of inspectors in his department is less than it was twenty years ago, in spite of the greatly increased fire losses of recent years.

The chiefs discussed the evil consequences of over insurance and expressed the belief that legislation should he enacted to prevent the over insuring of property. Chief McCarthy, of Worcester, declared that some agents were so greedy for commissions that they gave insurance for property that was sometimes double its actual value.

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