Good Attendance at New England Annual Meeting

Good Attendance at New England Annual Meeting

Large Gathering of Members for Water Works Association’s Annual Meeting—Officers and Executive Committee Elected for Ensuing Year—List of Those Present


THE annual meeting of the New England Water Works Association was held at the Copley-Square Hotel, Boston, Mass., on Wednesday, January 12. The executive committee met in the morning at the headquarters of the association in Tremont Temple and luncheon was served later in the hotel.

Officers Elected for Ensuing Year

Charles W. Sherman, consulting engineer, of Boston, was elected president of the association for the ensuing year. Other officers were named as follows: Vicepresidents. Frank A. Barbour, consulting” hydraulic and sanitary engineer, Boston; Percy R. Sanders, superintendent water works, Concord, N. H.; William W. Brush, deputy chief engineer, department of water supply, gas and electricity, New York City; Reeves J. Newsom, commissioner of water supply, Lynn, Mass.; Patrick Gear, Superintendent of water works, Holyoke, Mass.; and George A. Carpenter, city engineer, Pawtucket, R. I.

Frank J. Gifford, Dedham, Secretary

Additional members of executive commitee, David A. Heffernan, superintendent of water works, Milton, Mass.; James A. Newlands, president, Henry Souther lingineering Corporation, I Hartford, Conn.; and Arthur A. Blackmer, superintendent of water works, Plymouth, Mass.

Frank J. Gifford, superintendent of water company, Dedham, Mass., was re-elected secretary. Other officers re-elected were Henry A. Symonds, consulting engineer, Boston, editor; and Lewis M. Bancroft, superintendent of water works, Reading, Mass., treasurer.

Henry A. Symonds was named as advertising agent and the following finance committee was appointed: George H. Finneran, superintendent of water service, Boston; A. R. Hathaway, water registrar. Springfield, Mass.; and Frank A. Marston, designing engineer for Metcalf & Eddy, of Boston.

Charles W. Sherman, Boston, President

Reports of Officers

The retiring president, Henry V. Macksey, of Framingham, Mass., read his report for the past year, which showed the association to be in sound financial condition and advancing along progressive lines.

According to the report made by Secretary Frank J. Gifford, of Dedham, Mass., the present membership numbers 872 persons, consisting of 14 honorary members, 788 active members, and 70 associate members.

Other reports were those of Treasurer Lewis M. Bancroft, of Reading, Mass., and of F. A. Barbour, of Boston, for the auditing committee.

Lewis M. Bancroft, Reading, Treasurer

Committee Reports Not Read

It was expected that a number of papers would be read in the form of reports from the chairmen of various committees as a list of committees due to report was printed in the announcement of the meeting. These reports tailed to materialize, however, and as a result of this curtailment of the program the meeting was ended earlier than the customary time.

Mr. F. A. Barbour proposed that a literary committee be appointed to draw up a program of lectures, speakers, etc., for future meetings, with a view to developing discussions along various, special lines of water works engineering. The motion was carried.

Address by the New President

In the election there were 323 votes cast for Mr. Sherman for president and four blank votes. The new president was given an ovation and made a short speech, telling of his belief and faith in the association. He said that the work of worth while committees must be revised and continued, others dropped, and new committees appointed. He emphasized the need of new members for the association and especially the addition of young men to the membership list. Mr. Sherman closed his address by thanking the association for his election as president and prophesied a prosperous and successful year during 1921.

The suggestion was made that the associate members be asked to take charge of one of the meetings of the organization.

The deaths were reported of Edward L. Hatch, of Stamford, Conn., who was elected to the New England Water Works Association in 1907, and Robert A. McKim, who was elected in 1915.

Among those taking part in discussions on various topics were the following: Caleb M. Saville, George A. King, F. A. Barbour, W. H. Van Winkle, Charles W. Sherman, R. W. Conrow, F. H. Hayes, William F. Sullivan, Charles F. Galvin and A. C. Doane.

Four new members were elected as follows: Charles A. Hatch, general manager, Stamford water works, Stamford. Conn.; Alexander H. O’Brien, assistant superintendent water works and water registrar, Holyoke, Mass.; Roger W. Esty, assistant superintendent water works, Danvers, Mass.: and Bernard S. Cohen, chemist and bacteriologist, Montclair Water Co., Little Falls, N. J. The following is the attendance list:

Regular Members

George W. Batchelder, w. com., Worcester. Joseph A. Hoy, asst. w. com., Worcester. W. A. Sinclair, Bangor W. W., Bangor. Me.

H.T. Gidley, sup’t., Fairhaven, Mass. W. Co.

F. E. Merrill, w. com., Somerville, Mass.

A. C. Blackmer, sup’t. w. w., Plymouth, Mass.

J. W. Blackmer, com. pub. wks., Beverly, Mass.

George A. Caldwell, Boston.

H.Dotten, asst. supt. w. w., Winchester, Mass.

R. D. Chase, New Bedford, Mass.

George H. Snell, Attleboro, Mass.

A. H. Tillson, supt. w. w., Northampton, Mass.

Moses L. Brown, com. of pub. wks., Quincy, Mass.

G. C. Whipple, Cambridge, Mass.

H. A. Hanscom, Boston.

W. A. Howell, Andover, Mass.

H. W. Clark, chemist, Mass. st. dept, of hlth.

Jesse Barrett, supt. w. w., Peabody, Mass. Charles W. Sherman, civil engineer. Boston. George H. Finneran, supt., Boston.

E. W. Kent, eng. and genl. supt., Newport, R. I.

Fred L. Cushing, w. registrar, Medford, Mass.

F. A. Barbeur, civil engineer. Boston. Seward Wright, asst, engr., Mass. dept, of hlth.

C. D. Westen, asst, eng., Mass dept, of hlth.

Frank Emerson, city engr., Peabody, Mass. H. V. Maeksey, supt. of pub. wks., Framingham, Mass.

W. H. Vaughn, supt. w. w., Wellesley, Mass Robert Spurr Weston, engr., Boston.

Henry F. P. Wilkins, mgr. w. w., Marblehead, Mass.

George A. King, supt., Taunton, Mass. Arthur C. King, civil engr., Taunton, Mass. Roger W. Armstrong, Waltham, Mass.

John Cullen, foreman, w. w., Woonsocket, R. I.

C. W. Mills, supt. w. w., Woonsocket, R. I. Morrison Merrill, supt. w. w., Wakefield, Mass.

John D. Dwyer, chrman., Medford w. s. bd., Medford, Mass.

Henry F. Hughes, supt., Medford, Mass.

Harold S. Noyes, secy. w. com., Newburyport, Mass.

F. A. Mclnness. div. engr. dept. pub. wks., Boston.

Lewis D. Thorpe, civil engr., Boston.

E. D. Eldredge, supt. w. co., Onset, Mass.

Henry A. Miller, engineer, Boston.

Patrick Gear, supt. w. w., Holyoke. Mass.

William F. Sullivan, prest. w. co., Nashua, N. H.

George H. Palmer, supt w. co., Hyannis. Mass.

William Naylor, supt., Maynard, Mass.

John C. Chase, Derry, N. H.

David A. Hefternan, supt. w. w., Milton, Mass.

John H. Walsh, supt. w. w., East Hartford. Conn.

Lewis M. Bancroft, supt. w. w., Reading, Mass.

E. M. Nichols, Philadelphia, Pa.

John Doyle, genl foreman, Worcester, Mass

Thomas E. Lally, engineer. Boston.

William R. Conard, inspecting engr., Burlington, N. J.

Frank L. Cole, supt. bd. of pub. wks., Andover, Mass.

John F. Lucey, supt. w. w., Somersworth, N. H.

Roger W. Esty, asst, supt., Danvers, Mass.

George Cassell, w. com., Chelsea. Mass.

W. F. Hunt, foreman, Lowell, Mass., w. dpt.

Fred W. Thomas. Lowell, Mass.

S. H. Taylor, asst. supt. w. w., New Bedford, Mass.

E. J. Looney, supt. w. w., Belmont. Mass.

Herbert E. Reed, supt. w. w., Bridgewater, Mass.

A. O. Doane, div. engineer.

Associate Members

W A. Hersey, Hersey Mfg., Co.. Boston.

R. M. Simon, R. D. Wood Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

H. R. Prescott, Union Water Meter Co., Worcester, Mass.

R. Sears, C. R. Roberts Engineering Co., Boston.

H. Hussey, C. R. Roberts Engineering Co., Boston.

W. H. VanWinkle, W. W. Equipment Co., New York.

E. P. Howard, sales’ engr., Worthington P. & M. Corp.

J. Lufkin. National Meter Co., Boston.

H. W. Jacobs. Union W. Meter Co., Worcester, Mass.

F. C. Steere, Builders’ Iron Foundry, Providence. R. I

L. P. Anderson, The American City, New York

G. H. Lewis, Builders’ Iron Foundry, Providence, R. I.

Frank M. Bates, Waldo Bros. & Bond Co., Boston.

Charles J. C. Haas, H. Mueller Mfg. Co., Decatur, 111.

James A. Newlands, prest., Henry Souther Engring. Co., Hartford, Conn.

F. H. Hayes, Hayes Pump & Machinery Co., Boston.

Edward M. Sliedd, Thomson Meter Co.. Boston.

Arthur R. Taylor, Ludlow Valve Mfg. Co., Boston.

W. H. McGarry, Jr., Neptune Meter Co., Boston.

J. F. Reagan, Jr., Neptune Meter Co., New York City.

R. K. Blanchard, Neptune Meter Co., New York City.

J. T. Mulgrew, Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., Pawtucket, R. I.

Charles E. Pratt, Chapman Valve Mfg. Co., Springfield, Mass.

Lawrence C. Hough, Pitometer Co., Boston.

G. P. Ellis, F. A. Mazzur Co., Boston.

Samuel Harrison, Worthington P. & M. Corp., Boston.

Robert J. Thomas, Gamon Motor Co., Lowell, Mass.

Irving A. Rowe. genl. mgr., Rensselaer Valve Co., Troy, N. Y.

Charles L. Brown, Rensselaer Valve Co., Northboro, Mass.

R. W. Conrow. sales’ manager, Central Foundry Co., New York.

W. P. Mosteller, U. S. Cast Iron Pipe and Foundry Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

Charles F. Glavin, Donaldson Iron Co., Boston.

J. H. Smith, Hersey Mfg. Co., Boston.

R. E. Ferguson, Hersey Mfg. Co., Boston.

T. E. Dwyer. Lead Lined Iron Pipe Co., Wakefield, Mass

F.L. Northrop, A. P. Smith Mfg. Co., Boston.

George McKay, Jr., The Leadite Co., Philadelphia, Pa.

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