Good Program for Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Convention

Good Program for Ohio Fire Chiefs’ Convention

The program of the seventh annual convention of the Fire Chiefs’ Club of Ohio, which takes place at the Virginia Hotel, Columbus, Ohio, on June 17 and 18, has just been published and is as follows:

Tuesday, June 17—Morning Session—10:00 O’Clock (Eastern Time)

Convention Called to Order by President, Thomas J. Gough, of Conneaut. Address of Welcome, Hon. Vic Donahey, Governor of Ohio.

Response, Chief D. K. Moser, of Warren.

President’s Annual Address, Chief Thomas J. Gough.

“Our Work,” L. H. Trelaven, President, Fire Protection Association of Ohio.

“The Work and Plans of the Engineering Experiment Station, of the Ohio State University,” Dean E. A. Hitchcock.

Appointment of Committees on Resolutions, Auditing and Nominations.

Afternoon Session—1:30 O’Clock

“Criminal Fires,” F. R. Morgaridge of the National Board of Fire Underwriters.

“Salvage as a Duty of Fire Department,” Charles S. Magruder, Division of State Fire Marshal.

“The Classification of Cities and Villages for Fire Insurance Rate Making Purposes,” H. J. Manning. Chief Engineer, Ohio Inspection Bureau. “First Aid,” D. H. Poer. M. D., General Hospital of Cincinnati.

“Public Garages,” T. P. Kearns, Chief of Division, Factory and Building Inspection.

Evening Session—7:30 O’Clock (Smoker and Buffet Lunch)

“Fire Departments,” Ralph E. Richman.

“Fire Prevention in the Schools,” Mrs. Luetta S. Peabody, Division of State Fire Marshal.

Motion Pictures: “An Unbeliever Convinced” and “Fire and Safety Appliance Testing at Underwriters’ Laboratories.”

Wednesday, June 18—Morning Session—9:00 O’Clock

“The Proper Installation of Fuel Oil Burners,” E. J. Smith, Engineer Gases and Oils, Underwriters’ Laboratories, Chicago.

“Chemical Fire Hazards.” Howard E. Fritz, M. D., Department of Industrial Chemistry, Ohio State University.

“The Fire Chief’s Cabinet,” Discussion Opened by Chief Joseph H. Speddy, Lakewood.

Report of Legislative Committee; Report of Committee on Resolutions; Report of Secretary-Treasurer, Chief Philip J. Harty; Election of Officers.

Afternoon—1:30 O: Clock

Tournament of Industrial Plant Brigades. In East Broad Street between High and Third. Prize—Silver Cup presented by Louis F. Miller, State Fire Marshal. Tournament Commissioner, Chief Jenkins Daniels, of Columbus. Judges, Chief John D. Curtis, Sandusky; Chief Charles L. Jost, Firestone Rubber Company, Akron; Chief George B. Holst, Marietta. Participating teams so far entered representing the Youngstown Sheet and Tube Company of Youngstown and the French-Hecht Company of Springfield.

The officers of the association are: President, Chief Thomas J. Gough, Conneaut; vice-president, Chief Samuel J. Butler of the Republic Iron & Steel Company, Youngstown, Ohio, and secretary-treasurer, Chief Philip J. Harty of the Youngstown Sheet & Tube Company, Youngstown, Ohio. The directors are: Chief Samuel Hunter, Springfield; Chief Charles Greensfelder of Proctor & Gamble Company, Ivorydale, and Chief C. R. Bowersox, Bryan.

New Station for Passaic—An appropriation of $10,000 has been voted for the erection of a fire station and purchase of equipment for Hose Co. No. 3, of Passaic, N. J.

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