Good Record in Fire Drills at Conneaut, Ohio

Good Record in Fire Drills at Conneaut, Ohio

At Conneaut, Ohio, Chief T. J. Gough visited all of the public and parochial schools of the city, and witnessed some excellent work by scholars and teachers in the way of fire drills. Following are the records made by each school in marching all children out of their respective buildings:

High school, 530 pupils, time, 58 seconds.

Broad street, 421 pupils, time, 56 seconds.

Fifteenth street, 462 pupils, time 54 seconds.

Deane avenue, 366 pupils, time, 50 seconds.

Main street, 250 pupils, time, 40 seconds.

North Conneaut, 153 pupils, time, 32 seconds.

St. Mary’s, 240 pupils, time, 35 seconds.

The chief addressed the assemblages in each instance, emphasizing the dangers arising from fire carelessness and the necessity for team work in Fire Prevention.

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