To the EDITOR:

I have been reading your paper for some years now, and have seen the time made for runs in different parts of the country. The I. O. O. F. had a convention here the 17th inst., and as an entertainment the members of the fire department turned out for them as follows: The chemical was first out; hitched team, ran four blocks and turned two corners in 60 seconds. Hook and ladder truck was second out; hitched team, ran four blocks, turned two corners and put up a twenty-four foot ladder and sent a man to the top in one minute and forty-five seconds. The two hose teams ran eight blocks, laid one hundred feet of hose, attached to hydrant, broke coupling, put on nozzle and turned on water; one team in two minutes and thirty seconds, and the other in two minutes thirty-nine seconds. The alarm was given by pulling a box when all work was done. I think that is good time, so you will please muke mention of it, and oblige,


Asst, driver, hook and ladder truck A. F. I).

Ashland, Wk

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