GovDelivery Helps Public Sector Keep Citizens Safe

GovDelivery, a leader in cloud-based communication solutions for government, continues to illustrate its commitment to facilitating and maximizing direct connections between the public sector and citizens. Today, GovDelivery releases a new white paper titled “Breaking Down Barriers to Effective Emergency Notifications” to help government organizations navigate the complexities of choosing an emergency notification solution (ENS) that keeps citizens safe and informed during a crisis, whether it’s a hurricane, a freeway pileup or a hostage situation.

“GovDelivery helps more than 550 government organizations around the world maximize their direct connections with the public to communicate better. In advisory, urgent or emergency situations, these connections are critical,” said Scott Burns, CEO and co-Founder of GovDelivery.
“Instead of relying solely on traditional communications channels to alert the public to a critical situation, government organizations can leverage the direct connections they have with citizens and stakeholders immediately, via email, SMS, phone, social media, and more.”

GovDelivery clients, such as the Federal Emergency Management Administration and the Centers for Disease Control, rely on GovDelivery Digital Communication Management (DCM) for emergency preparedness and response communication. The solution delivers all the tools necessary to help federal, state and local governments keep the public informed and safe. GovDelivery’s recent acquisition of Gov-Interact further enhances its Digital Communication Management (DCM) solution, integrating emergency notifications into the platform to streamline processes and reduce costs by allowing government organizations to manage all digital communications — email, text messaging/SMS, phone and more — through a single provider.

The new white paper helps government agencies of all sizes identify and eliminate the barriers to effective emergency notifications. Tapping GovDelivery’s experience of serving more than 550 government agencies for over a decade, the white paper offers best practices in choosing and maximizing the effectiveness of this type of solution. The document walks government employees through the key barriers to effective ENS and provides tips for avoiding the pitfalls of putting a solution in place before anything happens. To download “Breaking Down Barriers to Effective Emergency Notifications,” visit


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