Grain Blast Takes Five Lives

Grain Blast Takes Five Lives

Five men were killed and seventeen others were injured by a grain dust blast which wrecked the nine-story state owned public grain elevator at New Orleans, La. The bodies of the dead were horribly seared by the flames.

At the time of the blast, about two hundred persons were working in various parts of the elevator. Rescuers were handicapped in their work as the passenger lift was wrecked.

About 1,500,000 bushels of grain in the elevator were apparently undamaged.

The Department of Agriculture advised the New Orleans Port Commission authorities that the explosion in the Public Grain Elevator of New Orleans, was caused by the ignition of dust, produced in the handling of corn, by a flash from an induction type electric motor operating one of the dust collecting fans on the workhouse floor. The investigation was made by Dr. David J. Price and Hylton R. Brown, Chemical Engineering Research Division of the Bureau of Chemistry and Soils.

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