Grants awarded for BullEx™ fire extinguisher training units

Fire departments across the country have been awarded federal, state, and local grants for the purchase of fire prevention and safety equipment this summer. Among the items approved for purchase are BullEx™ Digital Safety’s fire extinguisher training systems.

A FEMA grant allowed the Platte Fire District of Platte, South Dakota to purchase the Intelligent Training System™ for use within their department and community this year. The Platte Fire District has an all volunteer department with a coverage area of over 400 square miles. They submitted their application online, and received assistance with the narrative portion through the grant writing services offered by BullEx™ Digital Safety. The department is looking forward to Fire Prevention Week when they will be demonstrating within the community their new Intelligent Training System.

“Our fire safety and prevention education services are provided by approximately 30 of our dedicated fire department personnel. We have the personnel available to provide training to the community, but before receiving this grant, we were not using them to anywhere near their full potential,” commented Darrin Erikson of Platte Fire District. “The hardest part of the grant process was the narrative, but BullEx was willing to offer their assistance to get it done properly and quickly.”

Horseheads Fire & Rescue, also a volunteer fire department, was successful funding the purchase of its BullEx Intelligent Training System with a local New York State Senate Grant awarded in 2006. Horseheads Fire & Rescue felt that fire extinguisher training was extremely important for its community, especially within the local school and senior center. The fire department found contacts within its local senator’s office as well as BullEx Digital Safety to be very helpful throughout the grant submission process. During Fire Prevention Week the local senator and assemblyman were invited to attend the Horseheads Fire & Rescue open house and watch the Intelligent Training System in action. “The money’s there,” said Gerald Wheeler of the Horseheads Fire & Rescue. “All you need to do is ask.”

“We’re very pleased that so many organizations have received funding to enhance their fire prevention education programs with the use of BullEx training systems,” said BullEx CEO Ryan O’Donnell, himself a former fire officer and fire prevention educator. “These organizations have made fire prevention education a top priority and are undoubtedly improving fire safety in their communities. We here at BullEx have made it a priority to fully support such organizations through the grant application process in their efforts to expand these important fire prevention programs.”

BullEx™ Digital Safety offers grant assistance to help individuals through the submission process. For additional information on receiving grant support, please contact BullEx Digital Safety at 1-888-4BULLEX.

About BullEx™ Digital Safety

BullEx Digital Safety uses patented technology to create live and digital flame extinguisher training systems which eliminate the mess and expense of dry chemical or CO2 extinguishers. For more information visit

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