Great Lakes Chiefs’ Association Meets

Great Lakes Chiefs’ Association Meets

The Great Lakes Association of Fire Chiefs, a Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs, held its annual meeting at the Schroeder Hotel, Milwaukee, Wis., on October 5 to 7. There was a total registration of 129.

Chief Peter Steinkellner, of the Milwaukee Fire Department, President of the association, said that “Fire department heads in too many cities are too frequently in office only during a single city administration. Corruption and dishonesty are the result and the efficiency of the service is seriously hampered.”

Chief Frank McAuliffe, head of the Chicago Salvage Patrol, told the delegates that the present fire fighter is far better educated and more efficient than the old time fireman. The modern fire fighter must know not only how to race up a ladder and wield a bucking hose, but the latest in hydraulics, chemistry of flames, strength of buildings, and a few other sciences besides. The new fireman may be less gnarled and tough than of old, but he has a lot better equipment to aid him in his fight, McAuliffe said.

Dr. Stephen J. Cahana, physician to the Milwaukee fire department, pointed out the need of a special doctor for firemen. Family physicians, failing to understand the conditions under which firemen work, may often send them back on the job too soon after accidents, or order them to remain at home too long, Dr. Cahana said.

Other speakers included Alderman Paul Gauer, President of the Milwaukee Common Council; Chief Hugo Delfs, Lansing, Mich.; Clarence Goldsmith, Chicago, Assistant Chief Engineer, National Board of Fire Underwriters.

The officers elected were:

President—Chief Peter Steinkellner, Milwaukee, Wis. First Vice-President—Chief Thomas Blake, Rockford, I11. Second Vice-President—Chief Owen C. Dunn, St. Paul, Minn. Secretary—Chief R. E. Motteheard, Dearborn, Mich. Treasurer— Chief A. N. Hofstetter, Evanston, I11.

Baldwin, N. Y., will vote at a special election to be held November 18 on a proposal for a $75,000 fire headquarters to replace the present building erected in 1896.

All officers of the Suffolk County Volunteer Firemen’s Association were re-elected at the forty-seventh annual convention held in Riverhead. Ernest Stoll of Bayport is President, and J. Fred Flugrath of Rockville Center starts his thirty-fifth consecutive term as Secretary.

The Oklahoma State Firemen’s Association nearly doubled its Pension Law fund last year, in spite of the depression, according to information contained in the Year Book of the association, recently issued, the increase being 64 per cent. This was by an act of the state legislature. The act is printed on page 102 of the Year Book, under the title of “Senate Bill No. 271.’”

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