Great Lakes Chiefs Meet

Great Lakes Chiefs Meet

During the conference of the I.A.F.C. at New Orleans on Sept. 27-29, several meetings of the sectional organizations comprising the International Association were held.

The Great Lakes Division met and elected officers as follows: President, Chief George Knoll, Cicero, Ill.; First Vice-President, Chief E. P. Welch, Columbus, O.; Second Vice-President, Chief Frank Bender, Jr., Saginaw, Mich.; Secretary-Treasurer, Chief R. E. Mottesheard, Dearborn, Mich.; Director in International Association, Chief Peter Steinkellner, Milwaukee, Wis.; State Vice-President, Michigan, Chief Frank Van Alto, Kalamazoo; Ohio, Chief H. E. King, East Cleveland, O.; Indiana, Chief Thomas Clune, Gary; Illinois, Chief Albert Ludeke, Freeport; Wisconsin, Chief A. J. Rahn, Two Rivers, and Minnesota, Chief N. F. Quist, Virginia, Minn.

The Southwestern Association of Fire Chiefs, composed of heads of Fire Departments in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, held its annual meeting, and elected the following officers: Sidney Hansen, Dallas, Texas, President; G. F. Williams, College Station, Texas, First Vice-President; J. C. McEachern, Haynesville, La., Second Vice-President; and J. Ray Pence, of Stillwater, Okla., Secretary-Treasurer.

Great Lakes Chiefs Meet


Great Lakes Chiefs Meet

Chief Hugo R. Delfs

A three-day convention of the Great Lakes Division of the International Association of Fire Chiefs was held at

Green Bay, Wis., June 24-26, with President Hugo R. Delfs, presiding.

E. L. Donovan, Chief Special Agent, National Board of Fire Underwriters, spoke on “Incendiary Fires.”

Vern Chappee, Eagle Home Insulation Company, Cincinnati. Ohio, explained, “Fire Retarding With Insulation.” The hazards of inflammable liquids and dry cleaning were described by N. J. Harkness, U. S. Hoffman Machine Corporation.

W. E. Finnegan, Deputy State Fire Marshal of Wisconsin, spoke on “Detecting and Preserving Evidence in the Prosecution of Incendiarism.”

The round table discussion covered a number of subjects such as hazards of transportation of inflammable liquids over highways and streets; inflammable liquid storage; inflammable liquid extinguishment; limitations of vapor and fog nozzles; fires in grain elevators and flour mills; electric wiring hazards encountered in traveling shows and carnivals; fire department problems encountered in the house-trailer and trailer-camps; rural fire department problems—spontaneous combustion and its causes; advantages of the closed type of fire apparatus; what has been your experience with metal ladders?; what has been your experience with power operated aerial ladders?

Chief Arthur J. Rahn was the toastmaster at the banquet. Music and entertainment was supplied by the Green Bay Fire Department Band.

All of the old officers of the association were re-elected.

They are Hugo R. Delfs, Lansing, Mich., President; William Freen, South Bend. Ind., First Vice-President: William C. Watters, Oak Park, Ill., Second Vice-President: R. E. Mottesheard,

Dearborn. Mich., Secretary-Treasurer.