Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact Prevention Award Recipient Named

The Aviation Forest Fire Management Branch of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources recently announced the recipient of the 2008 Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact Prevention Award. This year’s recipient was Deputy Fire Chief Ken Kurz of Dryden, Ontario.

This award is presented to an individual for their outstanding support in the prevention and education of wildfire programs throughout the Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact (GLFFC) Area. The GLFFC area is represented by the states of Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and the provinces of Ontario and Manitoba.

In conjunction with his duties as a municipal Deputy Fire Chief with the City of Dryden Fire Service, Deputy Kurz has spent countless hours involved in public education, awareness and prevention initiatives. He has shown tremendous support and dedication at the municipal, regional and provincial levels of wildfire prevention. Ken has been an active partner with the Ministry of Natural Resources Fire Program here in the West Fire Region for many years.

In particular we would like to recognize Ken for his role in Fire Prevention and Suppression through his involvement with FireCon, which is held in Thunder Bay annually. This regional training and education program has helped Ontario’s Forest Fire Management program spread the Forest Fire Prevention and Education message to municipal fire departments across the entire West Fire Region. Ken’s continued efforts to keep the Aviation Forest Fire Management program included in this worthwhile information exchange session is a great benefit to the Fire Program here in the province.

Ken’s continuing support and promotion of fire prevention and education make him a worthy recipient of the Great Lakes Forest Fire Compact Prevention Award.

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