Greater Efficiency in Council Bluffs Plant

Greater Efficiency in Council Bluffs Plant

The second annual report of the Council Bluffs, Ia., water department snows that the cost of the improvements installed during the past two years has been $184,222. This figure includes the cost of 6.13 miles of new pipe laid between July 1, 1911, and July 1, 1912, amounting to $35,963. Besides increasing the capacity of the plant just 100 per cent., the improvements have reduced the cost of operation just 50 per cent. This, of course, decreases the cost of 1,000 gallons of water to tlie city department, nut in view oi the many improvements to be taken up within the next few years and the $000,000 bond issue to be met, no reduction oi water rates nave been made. The report includes the tabulation for tne fire insurance companies as follows:

Population of the city, 32,000.

Date of construction of water system, 1882 and 1888.

Owned by Council Bluffs Water Works Company 1882 to June 1, 1911; city of Council Bluffs since June 1, 1911.

Source of water supply, Missouri River.

Mow clarified: Alum coagulation and sedimentation.

Mode of supply: Direct pumping or pumping through reservoirs.

Bumping stations: Pumps two-three and onehalf million gallons pumps and one eight million gallon pump.

Fuel: Coal washed slack; average price per ton, $2.86; ash, 14.33 per cent.

Total pumpage for year, 980,329,000 gallons.

During the year ending June 1, the department laid 6.79 miles of cast iron pipes at a cost of $25,818, installed 37 new fire hydrants, 79 new gate valves, installed 766 new meters and made 251 taps for new water consumers. The distribution system now comprises 46.91 miles of cast iron pipe, 10.31 miles of wrought iron pipe. 1.59 miles hydrant connections and 369 fire hydrants.

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