Green Bay (WI) Firefighters Union Loses Fight Over Making House Calls

The Green Bay (WI) firefighters union has lost a grievance regarding the implementation of a program that would see firefighters checking up on discharged hospital patients.

The Green Bay Press Gazette ( reports that a state labor arbitrator has ruled the city was within its rights to initiate a program in which Bellin Hospital paid the city $50 for each house call.

City officials suspended the program indefinitely while awaiting a decision on the grievance filed by the Green Bay Professional Fire Fighters Association, and its unclear whether the “Hook and Ladders” program will be implemented in its original form.

The union argued that Hook and Ladder was an improper expansion of firefighting duties and that the city could not impose such new assignments unilaterally under the union’s contract. The arbitrator, however, disagreed, seeing the program as an extension of firefighters’ EMS duties.

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