Greenbriar F.D. Holds Fog Test

Greenbriar F.D. Holds Fog Test

Chief Lloyd M. Steele of The Greenbrier Fire Department recently conducted an experiment in fighting fire with fog nozzle equipment. Representatives from the fire departments of White Sulphur Springs and Covington, Va., witnessed the test.

A one-room shack that the hotel had condemned was turned over to Chief Steele for the experiment. It was arranged to represent a living room, and was furnished with cabinets, racks and rugs.

The fire was ignited at 2:03 P.M. At 2:07 two firemen broke through near the eaves of the building. A one-andone-half-inch hose line, 100 feet long and fitted with a fog nozzle was turned on at 2:08 and cut off 20 seconds later. When the doors were opened to permit steam to dissipate, there was no fire to be found in the building. During the 20 seconds that the fog nozzle was in operation, thirty gallons of water were used. A 3/4-inch booster line with 1/4-inch straight tip was used for mopping up. A total of 50 gallons of water was used in extinguishing the blaze and the mopping up.

Examination of the charred interior of the room indicated that the temperature of the fire had approached 1,000 degrees F. According to Chief Steele, the experiment demonstrated that considerable fire can be extinguished with a small amount of water through the indirect application of fog, if conditions are right.

Greenbriar, Va., fire fighters experiment with indirect application of water fog in a burning test. Claim fire was controlled in 20 seconds, by 1 1/2-inch hose line and fog nozzle, using 30 gallons of water.

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