On January first, all of the sales and contracting business which has formerly been carried on by the General Fire Extinguisher Company will be taken over by Grinnell Company, Inc. This change is made because the old name so specifically described the Automatic Fire Prtection Section of the Company’s business that it prevented any natural assumption on the part of the public that the Company was engaged in several closely related lines of business.

As a matter of afct, the Company’s business is based fundamentally on industrial piping, and it is perhaps the largest concern in the United States doing exclusively that sort of work.

The related industries which the Grinnell Company takes over from the General Fire consists of

  1. Fire Protection
  2. Power and Process Piping
  3. Steam, Hot Water and Gas Heating
  4. Drying
  5. Sales of Pipe, Fittings, Valves and Supplies

In summary, Grinnell Company offers a complete engineering and construction service in the whole field of industrial piping, including sprinkler, heating, power and drying work, and prompt sales service in material for all such equipments. In certain sections of the country this sales business has been expanded to include mill and plumbers’ supplies.

Therefore, if it’s industrial piping, take it up with Grinnell Company.

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