Guard Against Christmas Fires.

Guard Against Christmas Fires.

Apropos of Christmas season, the National Board of Fire Underwriters has issued the following bulletin :

Holiday fires in stores, churches and bazaars, while filled with people, are usually holocausts.

Light, inflammable decorations make fires easy to start and easy to spread. A match, a gas flame or an electrical defect may do it.

Watch gas jets! Decorations may be carried against them by air current:.

Watch smokers! Do not permit them to light cigars inside buildings.

Do not make the slightest change in electric wiring without consulting the electrical inspector.

Do not decorate your Christmas tree with paper, cotton, or any other inflammable material. Use metallic tinsel and other non-inflammable decorations only, and set the tree securely so that the children in reaching for things cannot tip it over.

Do not use cotton to represent snow. If you must have snow, use asbestos fibre.

Do not permit children to light or relight the candles while parents are not present. They frequently set fire to their clothing instead. The tree itself will burn when needles have become dry.

Do not leave matches within reach of children at holiday times. Candles are meant to be lighted, and if the children can get matches they will experiment with them. They imitate their elders.

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