H2Open Brings Clean Water to Nepal

W.S. Darley & Company understands that access to safe water is a number one priority for people and governments around the world. Each day, more than 2,200 children under the age of five, die from waterborne disease (imagine 11 jumbo jets crashing into the Earth each day of the year). The World Health Organization reports that people with waterborne diseases occupy half of the world’s hospital beds.  Darley is committed to alleviating these alarming statistics with sustainable, safe water solutions, such as the Darley SunSpring. 

The Darley SunSpring is a decentralized microbiological water purification system capable of producing 5,000 gallons of safe drinking water per day for 10 years.  The SunSpring’s decentralization eliminates any reliance on outside power to operate the system. Instead, it operates 100 percent off of wind and solar power.  The SunSpring’s microbiological safety eliminates bacteria contamination in the water consumed from the SunSpring. Currently, there are more than 250 SunSprings estimated to produce over 10 billion liters of safe water for over 3 million people.  You can learn more about the SunSpring here. 

In addition to the SunSpring, W.S. Darley offers two quickly deployable water systems for post-disaster response and military operations.  The Versa Sea Pak can effectively treat salt water from oceans around the world.  The Versa Fresh Pak can reliably treat contaminated fresh water to produce safe drinking water.  Both systems are lightweight, efficient and allow peace of mind in water stressed areas.  The US Navy, Army and Marine Corps are actively testing the Darley water technology to explore the best applications for the technology. 

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