Several months ago, Chief Stanton made either an exclamation or an inquiry, which was most pertinent:

“What in Hades is the matter with this World anyhow!?” and what in Hades is?

Speaking by the book, within approximation, during the great war the number of men sent over seas to destroy the effect and, if possible, the substance of the simian sentiment of Germany was in round figures, 2,100,000. During the same time, the number of men who quitted their work in this country in obedience to strike orders were in round figures, 2,400,000. What a magnificent mausoleum labor erected for the remains of its loyalty!

Men say the strike must go! Other men say the Agitator must go, and what the other men say in this case is much better counsel.

If you have studied labor individually, it is more than probable you have found that, of the working men, from eighty to ninety percent, are naturally as straight as a string, and their ideas are as clean as a hound’s tooth.

The trouble with them is the trouble with pretty nearly all the balance of men, they don’t think! They think they think, but they don’t! They let their Agitators do their thinking for them and repeat the words that are spoken into their half aroused minds; isn’t it strange that the phonograph mechanically wasn’t perfected long ago?

Undeniably, every man individually has the right to work for whom, where and when lie pleases provided his work or idleness is not harmful to the community or to himself.

The right to strike isn’t inalienable, Mr. Gompers to the contrary notwithstanding, for the strike involves a conspiracy of thought and a unity of action on the part of some as against the Commonwealth.

The right to strike is the same right on the part of mass labor that each individual has to commit suicide, with all its attendant disagreeables and oftentimes calamities. An attempt at suicide is punishable as being an offense against the dignity and well being of the community.

The Agitator must go! There are a great many of him—that he exists and is allowed to poison men’s minds orally and by printed word is not his fault any more than it’s the fault of the fox that he steals your chickens, and the agitator is just as much a marauder and thief as a fox is. It is our privilege as well as our duty to make our chicken houses fox strong and to have our premises protected by a legal fence—and you know what a Legal Fence is, don’t you? It is a fence which is horse high, bull strong, and pig tight. If the chicken houses are not protected and the fields enclosed by a legal fence, whose fault is it? Isn’t it ours? And what are we going to do about it? Let us see where the leak is and locate where the enemy breaks in.

Our initial error lies in the fact that we have indescriminately given away not only the right but the power to protect ourselves and our possessions. ()ur possessions include our children and the care of their minds, their hearts and their bodies.

We have made the gift of franchise a thing of menace and stupidity and criminally ignoring every privilege which that right conveys have bestowed it upon an irresponsible and misnamed citizenry whose members have no sort of appreciation of the responsibilities involved in the voting power and who esteem the privilege as men esteem anything which is given them wholly without any sort of equivalent. How can they value the privilege of the vote when we have shown that we don’t regard it as worth transmitting unimpaired to our children, the key to the temple of our liberty, the reward of civic virtue?

Furthermore, in the commission of that error, we naturally brought on another error. We put power into hands wholly unused to it and utterly incapable of directing it, and in doing so, we committed a tort upon our Sons and Daughters.

As an example: A nalien arrived a little while ago whose children in twenty generations will not be fit to vote, He brought with him five sons, the youngest of whom is twelve years. Each one of these may be exercising the right to vote long before your Sons, who are being born here now, will have completed the twenty-one years of their physical citizenship and your Sons are born with the traditions of the country in their blood, traditions which spring from more than a thousand years before Magna Charta was formulated in the aggregate mind of men who Won their freedom. And just here, that which is given without recompense is always of little value and little esteemed : That which is Won is held sacred by most men, but not by us, the degenerate Sons of Sires who Won.

What are you going to do about it?

Here’s a suggestion which should appeal to every man, that is every He man, not the trousered male things, but MEN, and to every woman who is a woman, in the country—revise the whole voting privilege, call it all in from everybody and then make up a basis constitutional probation that Only the Fit may vote. In no other way can our political errors, as well as our social atrocities be checked, scotched and killed.

What is meant by FIT?

Simply those men, and it may be women, who are physically, mentally and morally fit. A man has a right, hasn’t he, to be tried by a jury of his peers? Who are his peers? If the privilege of trial should be limited to his peers, why should not the guarding of the liberties of the country be limited to the discretion of those who are Fit? Should the victim of hereditary disease, and there are many of such victims, be allowed to take part in the councils of the Nation? Apply it to yourselves. There are many hereditary taints of mind and body. Think on this, and dont’ think superficially—study it, and if you agree with the suggestion that Only the Fit shall Vote, carry the idea of it or your verison of that idea, your extension of it, to your Friends, to your Woman-kind, to your Schools, to your Fire Department, and let them take up the work and proclaim it.

In this connection get rid of the fool thought imparted for years by some half-baked doctrinaires that heredity doesn’t count and that environment governs. Environment has capacity only to the extent of developing a seed according to its heredity—Mendel long ago proved that—Hence, Mendel’s Law. The dominant factor in determining the thought and the action of individuals, families, tribes, clans and nations is Herdity, and to get at and appreciate the particular slant of hereditary influence in any case you must know the history of the integer involved. Mendel’s law applies in the vegetable field and with much greater emphasis in the intellectual field, and before we can even consider the materials for the readjustment of our national conditions, we must of necessity study the law of heredity, apply that law according to the case and enforce it sternly without fear or any sort of favor anywhere.

Only the Fit shall Vote!

Look at that sentence in all its meaning—would it be too confining a law? Not a bit of it! It would be the law of the ex-foliation of skin infected politically and of social tissue which is often cancerous, but it would be the healing knife of the surgeon for the patient which now is and for coming generations it would be of the therapeutics of the mental, physical and moral life of the nation.

Men would want to vote. Women would exercise greater care in the selection of their husbands and vice versa, and in the rearing of children far more attention would be paid to their well being than is being Paid now. There would be something to be Won, to be striven for, and to be preserved—Individual, Home and National health, something to be guarded, to be guided—the home would re-appear, the policing of the home would come again into being, the policing of the police of the cities by the responsible citizenry, each man of whom would hold himself and his neighbor to a personal responsibility, would come again Men would want to vote, and to Win that privilege they would strive and strain through themselves, their children and the whole progeny of the man and all his connections to create a chastity, a cleanness of the physical, intellectual and moral being, and to protect it they would die.

The new orientation to which the world is committed as shown months ago by The FIRE ENGINEER is gathering headway. It is within the power of right citizens to make the direction clear and through the fog of autocratic arrogance mingled with the mists of insensate greed and desire to guide and to guard the two highest accomplishments of which humanity is or ever can be capable, chastity of thought on the part of man and chastity of women physically. The first is to be attained, the second, the so far highest creation of man, has been nearly won, and is now in process of being nearly lost.

These things are brought for consideration to the capable minds of the Fire Engineering Profession, right now in the beginning of a new year, in the flush or a new orientation of the world’s thought. Asking them to stand fast, to be neither stampeded by desire nor bewildered by charlatanisms. Intellectual dishonesty and all its noisesome brood is horrifying

Hermaphroditic mentalities are most prolific and like all other degeneracies should be segregated. Don’t lose sight of these facts, but stand fast for the three virtues, courage, truth, honesty, head and hand and heart together for the land we love and for the things that make the land we love worth living for, worth dying for, worth laying our bones to rest in The world, not the earth, but the world of mankind is kindling with a flame which may purify but may destroy. Fire Engineers must tackle this conflagration too and prove themselves masters of mental mechanics

Think of it, gentlemen, and let us take counsel together, for by the God of our fathers we need to do it.

It is a sad truth that the morale of the nation is in a state of slack; it began when men began to want to relieve themselves of the obligation and the incentive to protect their women from the storms and the mires of life and to shift to shoulders unfitted for them the political burdens of the day.

We have become lazy, extravagant, greedy, and we have given free rein to our own and women’s desire for the baubles and the glittering things and we are riding for a fall, which if it do come will shock our civilization into a stunned condition from which we won’t recover in 500 years.

Be warned or be damned: that is the clear prognosis.

In all Ameftcia where is the good American?

In all Christendom where is the good Christian?

Come let us take Counsel together and act together; let’s quit ourselves like men, men of head and heart and courage and as our fathers Won so wlil we preserve and add to the stature of our entire well-being.

It is wholly a question of how you see it. Mind can control nerves.

“What in HADES is the matter?”

Broadly speaking too many men have lost confidence generally; every class lacks confidence in other classes, groups lack confidence in other groups, and within each of these men lack confidence in each other and in their class or group. All this is because men have lost confidence in themselves. At the bottom of all this mind travail is the travel of mind in zig-zag and the motor power of all that mind skidding is the only thing which men have to fear—FEAR.

Just to show you what other competent men are thinking you will recall that the first among the great interests of the United States to engage in systematic war work, were the Fire Insurance Companies. The National Board of Fire Underwriters placed its entire establishment and all its branches at the disposal of the Government and its offer was eagerly accepted, the emergency peace work of the present time is entered into by them with no less patriotic earnestness, no less whole-heartedness and effectiveness.

They are sending out a circular letter accompanied by a copy of President Buswell’s address. You read it in The FIRE ENGINEER for December, to their entire list of local agents throughout the United States asking them to enroll as members of the “Fire Insurance Americanization Movement.” This enrollment card is printed below and The FIRE ENGINEER bespeaks for that movement the prompt co-operation of every fireman, for it should and must invite every right Citizen. A rallying point is given. Rally men! Rally! Notify the National Board of Fire Underwriters that we are together, hand and glove, for the defence of our Common-Wealth, our Liberty to be and to preserve our own Government.

Realizing the great importance of maintaining American institutions and preserving American ideals in the face of widespread and insidious attempts to destroy them, I desire to express my full sympathy with the


It is understood that my signature commits me to nothing beyond the following specific points:

  1. To exercise my influence as opportunity may offer for the suppression of disloyalty and the promotion of Americanization;
  2. To support the widest possible dissemination of Aemrican ideals through the schools, the press, the pulpit and in public meetings.



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